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imagePresident Poroshenko said he was broadly satisfied that the ceasefire in eastern Ukraine was holding

Ukraine's president says he will grant more autonomy to separatists in the east to keep the country together.

Petro Poroshenko said the current ceasefire had changed the situation "drastically", despite reports...

Mr. Conway, a former Black Panther, says while in the military, it dawned on him that the same army that was aiming its guns at the black community was doing the same thing in Vietnam



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  • Den 26 december har det gått tio år sedan en tsunami orsakade stor katastrof i bland annat Indonesien, Sri Lanka, Thailand och Indien. Omkring 250 000 personer miste livet och över 5 miljoner blev hemlösa eller tvingades fly.
  • Uppdatering fredag 12/12 kl 18.10: SMHI har utfärdat klass 2-varningar för stormbyar i Skåne län samt för Gotland och Öland. Varningarna gäller från och med fredag kväll.
  • Under kvällen den 12 december väntas en kraftig storm dra in över södra Sverige. Trafikverket ställer in tåg och sänker hastigheten på vissa sträckor.

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  • Detectives are investigating three alleged murders as part of an inquiry into historical child abuse involving prominent people, as they appeal for information about an apartment block in London.
  • President Vladimir Putin seeks to ease fears over Russia's economy, insisting that the dramatic fall in the rouble will stabilise.
  • A new domestic abuse offence for coercive and controlling behaviour within relationships in England and Wales is announced by the home secretary.
  • English councils will face an average cut of 1.8% in their overall spending power, the government says.
  • Hollywood stars say Sony's cancellation of The Interview, a comedy film about a plot to kill North Korea's leader, is a "victory" for hackers who threatened cinemas.

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